Scientific Advisory Board


of the Braunschweiger Network for Gender and Diversity Studies

The network has an academic advisory board consisting of 10 members from the three universities in proportion to their funding shares. The status groups should be considered as appropriately as possible. Accordingly, the TU has 6 members, the Ostfalia 3 members and the HBK 1 member; there are the same number of deputies. The central Equal Opportunities Officers are members of the Advisory Board in an advisory capacity.

TU Braunschweig im wissenschaftlichen Beirat

Prof. Dr. Bettina Wahrig, Faculty of life sciences, Institute for History of Pharmacy (FK2) >>>

Prof. Dr. Klaus Thiele, Faculty of Architecture, Civil Engineering and Environmental Sciences, Institute for steel construction (FK 3) >>> (DE)

Prof. Dr. Monika Taddicken, Institute for social sciences, Institute for communication sciences (FK 1) >>>

Dr. Bernadette Descharmes, Institute for historical studies (FK 6) >>> (DE)

Thomas Kronschläger, Institute for German Studies, Didactics of German literature (FK 6) >>> (DE)

Loreen Kaiser, Media Technology and Communication M.Sc. (FK 1), AStA, Department for Accessibility

Ulrike Wrobel, Equal Opportunity Officer (advisory) >>>


Prof. Dr. Rolf Radespiel, Faculty of mechanical Engeneering, Institute of Fluid Mechanics (FK 4) >>>

Prof. Dr. Admela Jukan, Institute for Computer and Network Engineering (FK. 5) >>>

Luisa Neumann, Student for social sciences B.Sc. (FK 1)

Ostfalia Hochschule im wissenschaftlichen Beirat

Prof. Dr. Ariane Brenssell, Faculty of social work (Campus Wolfenbüttel) >>> (DE)

Prof. Dr. Andreas Jain, Institute for tourism- and regionalstudies (IfTR) (Fakultät Verkehr-Sport-Tourismus-Medien, Campus Salzgitter) >>> (DE)

Kathrin Munt, Head of University (Subject) Didactics >>> (DE)

Julia Weiß, Equal Opportunity Officer (advisory) >>> (DE)


Prof. Dr. Anke Neuber, Faculty of social Work >>> (DE)

HBK im wissenschaftlichen Beirat

Prof. Dr. Heike Klippel, Institute for Media Sciences >>> (DE)

Margaux Jeanne Erdmann (currently represented by Dr. phil. Anna Shkonda), Equal Opportunity Officer (advisory) >>> (DE)


Prof. Dr. Ulrike Bergermann, Institute for Media Studies >>> (DE)